Greetings Members & Friends!

Here we are with a New Year, a new Board of Directors, and a new President of the Society. A number of important things have happened with our club over the last year. Just to name a few, finding a new and spacious meeting hall, producing a successful coin show, and adding many new club members. I am honored and humbled to be chosen as your new President and will endeavor to lead in the exemplary manner set over the past decade by both James Laird and Larry Casagrande. Our club is healthy & viable and is one of the Bay Area’s best organized and managed coin clubs.  This is because our members, our directors, and our officers have all contributed to our activities and finances making us so successful.

 Numismatic education will continue at a high and varied standard under the stewardship of our new Vice President, Kyle Anderson. He has scheduled a very special program for May which will be in addition to our “Other Hobbies Night”.

Don Kagin, the current Vice-President of the American Numismatic Association who may soon be the President will present his “Oldest Living Pioneer” program on gold coinage. You don’t want to miss this program as well as the opportunity to meet and speak with Don Kagin.

Focus for 2019 will be on membership recruitment, membership retention, and maintaining both strong and balanced finances. We are very fortunate to have Larry Casagrande as Bourse Chairman again for 2019 who picked up the task after the passing of James Laird last year. Our club can only continue to thrive with every member’s help in tasks both large and small.

As we progress into 2019 some things will remain the same and some things will change but overall it will be for the improvement of our Society.