October 1st, 2020

Hello all Members and Board Members,

Member interest as well as attendance at our monthly Zoom meetings has increased rapidly. Besides our “Die Break Newsletter” and our website at “diablocoinclub.org” our Zoom meetings are the only way to keep

in touch with the club. Eighteen members attended the Zoom meeting in September. We had a number of interesting “show and tell” coins with photos and I want to highlight a few of them with this message. The topic for this meeting was “Your most unusual or unique coin”.

First, we had Demetrios V. one of our younger members showed his Admiral Gardner 1808 shipwreck coin. Whether the shipwreck is the Atocha (Spain), the S.S. Central America (U.S), the El Cazador (Mexico) or any other shipwreck……sunken treasure is exciting to all collectors. This copper coin shows the darkened patina of the “shipwreck effect”.

Kyle A. shared a Five Dollar gold quarter eagle he obtained for $75 in San Diego when he was a young collector.

Larry C. who collects unusual holders shared an incredibly unique PCGS holder with ballooned out sides. To say the least the 1890cc at MS61 is a unique coin all on its’ own.

Bob L. shared two unofficial trial strikes of the Jefferson nickel submitted in the Mint contest of 1937/38 for the new nickel replacing the Buffalo nickel in 1938. The winning entry was not adopted as shown here alongside one of the losing entries and the adopted design.

Rob S. had two remarkable Half Cents in his collection. One with a normal obverse with 13 stars and another with only 12 stars. The minter at the time was somewhat distracted at the time or had an issue with one of the original 13 States so he left it out!

We will be having another ZOOM regular meeting on our regular meeting date of Thursday, October 15th at 7:00 pm. Information and access code will be sent to all members in our Die Break Newsletter well before this ZOOM meeting date. Since Jim Kern of the Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum was unable to present his program in September, we have it rescheduled for our October Zoom meeting. The agenda will be loose and informal so all who attend can participate. Show and tell topic will be “My ugliest coin

Our next Board meeting will be held by ZOOM on Sunday at noon, October 4, 2020.

Until next time,





It’s our 60th Anniversary!

Here’s a fun video made by Kyle Anderson celebrating our 700th Meeting back in
November, 2016.  We’re looking forward to many more Decades of Fun in our Bright Future!