Greetings Members & Friends!

Happy New Year! As we enter our 59th year as a coin club I thought I would reflect on the last four years that I served as your President. Club membership has declined a little; however, our average attendance per meeting has remained consistent around 40 attendees. The good thing is despite lower membership overall, we currently see around 50% of active members attending meetings. Also encouraging, is that some of the newer members joining are of youthful age which is what is needed to support this club and our hobby well into the future.

Our 700th meeting milestone was an event that I was proud to coordinate with the Board. This meeting had our highest ever recorded attendance as 54 members. Securing a larger meeting place finally happened in 2018 and I’m happy to report that we have renewed for a second year. The Concord Historical Society meeting place has allowed for the expansion of dealer set-up which is a nice addition to monthly meetings. We have also brought back the ever-popular coin auction a few times per year.

Educational programming has been consistently top shelf. The presenters really provided some great topics of interest to our membership. Kudos to Robert E. Luna for managing, maintaining and exceeding quality numismatic programs. Kyle Anderson will take on this important role.

Our club has remained on sound financial footing; however, our annual coin show which is the largest contributor to club funds has not been consistent on profits. I have taken steps in 2018 to cut expenses which did increase profits compared to the last few years. I will continue these efforts as I manage the Coin Show in 2019. Local club coin shows have struggled, and a few have ceased to operate. My goal at this point is to prolong such a fate as long as possible.

I’m really pleased that we have maintained a solid Board of Directors. Without the efforts of this group of volunteers, we would not have this healthy and vibrant coin club. I wanted to be sure that prior to my stepping down as President, our Board leadership would remain solid and I’m very confident that we have achieved that goal. The last few years has brought new members to our Board which is good to bring fresh perspective and input to running this club. Thanks to all of you who have served on the Board or in closely linked support positions for all your efforts to make DNS such a great coin club!

Lastly, thanks to all the membership who have also stepped up volunteering in greater numbers than ever before in support of our club. As a token of appreciation, I have copies of the CPG Retail quarterly price guide to hand out to every member at the January meeting so please attend!

Thanks again…It’s been my pleasure to serve as your President!



Mission Statement

The Diablo Numismatic Society of Concord, CA
is a non-profit coin collecting club dedicated to
serving all of it’s members from beginner to
expert – with focus on three priorities:
education, fellowship, and fun!