Greetings Members & Friends!

Thank you to all who attended our 23rd Annual Contra Costa Coin Show last weekend!

The program for our regular meeting this month will be given by coin dealer and club supporter Scott Griffin on “Toned Morgan Dollars”. I have heard his program which includes a first class PowerPoint visual and is one every collector should hear. Let’s all attend that night and give Scott our support and attention. Also, “Show & Tells” will be heard on “What I got at the Coin Show”.

Nominations for board positions will be taken at this month’s meeting so if you would like to be considered for nomination let me know of your interest.

Legislation is being considered under U.S. Congress House bill- H.R. 3757 which would require the United States Mint to produce two U.S. Silver Dollars under the Commemorative Coin Program with the dates of 2021. These two coins will be of the original designs and specifications of both the Peace and Morgan silver dollars in uncirculated and proof finishes. WOW…I am all in for this! To view the text for this bill, click HERE.  There will be more about this in future meetings and how each of us can participate in this bill by writing our Congressperson a letter of support.  To find your Representative, Click HERE.

Our next Board meeting is Sunday, November 24th at noon at the Safeway in Alamo. (< click for map).

Let’s have a great Coin Show!   See you all there.

Kind Regards,