Greetings Members & Friends!

Here is a story about a coin…..a lowly denomination of one U.S. cent. Collecting cents is how most of us got started and we still collect them. I heard about this story from one of our coin dealers, John Ward, who is a big club supporter as well as a presence at our annual coin show.

Finding numismatic treasures these days does not have to involve a dog kicking up old rusty cans filled with gold coins as we all know which occurred in the Saddle Ridge gold coin discovery of a few years ago. Also, we don’t have to spend a lot of money to acquire a valuable numismatic treasure. How would you like to convert a $20.00 investment into a $ 2,190.00 numismatic treasure?…..of course you would!! One of our DNS members who regularly attends our monthly meetings recently did just that. Every single one of us who attends our monthly meetings had an equal opportunity to do just this as well. Hopefully we will all hear this story and how it unfolded at our April meeting.

On another topic….I recently attended a Vallejo Numismatic Society monthly meeting and heard first hand Don Kagin’s program on the “Oldest Living Pioneer”. It was an exceptional event, not only on California gold but also on historical gold discovery and gold coin minting in the United States. This program was presented as if a time warp transported a mid-nineteenth century pioneer as a living presence directly into the meeting hall and told a truly remarkable story of gold and people of two centuries ago. At the end of this program the crusty old pioneer transformed himself into what very well may be the next President of the American Numismatic Society. YOU certainly don’t want to miss this program which may be the program highlight of 2019.

Coming up this month is a program by Glen Lindwall on “Tiny Coins; Ancient & Modern”. This will be a new program topic to me, and I am sure many other DNS members as well. Glen is a coin dealer who consistently is in the Bourse at our annual coin shows, so let’s all give him our return support for the night.

Don’t forget to pay your club dues. Memberships expired at the end of March, but you can still renew and not miss a “Die Break” newsletter or any other club activity.

Our next Board meeting is on June 9th at noon at the Safeway in Alamo. (< click for map)

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