Greetings Members & Friends!

July 1st, 2020

Seldom does one get a surprise these days that is a flash back to more than half a century ago. Well, this happened to me as well as the DNS. A few weeks ago, I received a phone call by a man from Toronto, Canada whose Grandfather was a member of our Society in the 1960’s. Our Society was founded in 1960 and these early years were a heyday for numismatics with many clubs flourishing and without many competing web-based activities or youth sports.

His Grandfather was DNS vice-president at the time, this being 1968, and he was in charge of the Society’s Annual National Coin Week activities. He organized a huge effort with coin displays in several banks as well as libraries. Also, programs were held at many Contra Costa County schools and Proclamations from mayors as well as Governor Ronald Reagan were obtained.

It was said to me that his Grandfather had passed and while cleaning out and sorting through things his Grandfather had collected over the decades ( you know how collectors seem to collect everything ) he found an extremely well put together scrapbook of the DNS activities during National Coin Week of 1968 and would we like to have it. I responded back……..”You bet we would”. It was sent to me and it arrived this week! ……and what a treasure it is. I will bring this scrapbook with me the next time we can meet.

We held our first regular meeting by ZOOM last month which was attended by 11 members. Many thanks to Neil Robertson who set the meeting up and Dave Davis who did an excellent PowerPoint program on “Coin Photography”. Dave has agreed to repeat this program in a future face-to-face meeting.

Unfortunately, after taking a member poll, there are still too many concerns existing to have an in-person BBQ which was scheduled for Saturday, July 11th at the Concord Museum. We will be having another ZOOM regular meeting on our regular meeting date of Thursday, July 16th at 7:00 pm. Information and access code will be sent to all members in our Die Break Newsletter well before this ZOOM meeting date. Kyle Anderson has offered to do a program on the motto used in our coins and currency …“In God We Trust”. The agenda will be loose and informal so all who attend can participate.


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It’s our 60th Anniversary!

Here’s a fun video made by Kyle Anderson celebrating our 700th Meeting back in
November, 2016.  We’re looking forward to many more Decades of Fun in our Bright Future!