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Diablo Numismatic Society


Fellow of the Society

The highest honor within the Diablo Numismatic Society is the Fellow of the Society award.
The Fellow of the Society is awarded to members who have supported the club and the greater numismatic community in a sustained and superior manner over an extended period of time. The recipient must serve in multiple elected club positions for at least five years, attend meetings regularly, and have a record of service to the hobby at large.
Any club member may nominate a candidate. Nominations are accepted in September. The board of directors vote on any / all nominations the following January and the decision must be unanimous. There can only be one recipient each calendar year. Award winners are deemed Life Members of the Diablo Numismatic Society.
2002 – Inaugural Year – Mike Fiore, Mike Stanley, Mike Turrini
2005 – Mark Clarkson
2006 – John Russell
2007 – James Laird
2008 – Gordon Donnell
2009 – Bill Green
2011 – Steve McClure
2012 – Brad Lee
2014 – Larry Casagrande
2015 – Kyle Anderson
2016 – No Award Given
2017 – Bill Hickman

2022 - Dave Davis

2023 - Maria Stillwagon



Donnell Award

The Gordon R. Donnell Memorial Meritorious Award was instituted in 2012 and is granted through the Northern California Numismatic Association (NCNA). It is bestowed upon coin club members who have consistently and conscientiously supported, served, and sustained a local coin club in various capacities and positions over several years. Education of and adding to the knowledge of other numismatists in their life goals is also a consideration for this award. Participating coin clubs may nominate a maximum of two members each year who are dedicated to the hobby.


2013 – Inaugural Year
James Laird
Mike Stanley
Brad Lee
Kyle Anderson
John Russell
Bill Hickman
Jon Marish
Larry Casagrande
Bob Luna
Bill Green
Mark Clarkson
David Davis
Maria Stillwagon


The Diablo Numismatic Society meets every Third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.

Our monthly meeting location is at

Clayton Library

6125 Clayton Rd.

Clayton, CA 94517

To find our meeting room, enter the library through the main doors and go immediately to the left.