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Fun Stuff

This page is for anything and everything fun that is related to numismatics.  Could be a cool video on collecting or collections;  Could be a funny joke or comic…Anything FUN!

I’ll get the ball rolling here with a few coin jokes!  If anyone has something to offer, please submit to a board member to have posted here on our website!

Q: What’s a coin collector’s favorite breakfast cereal?
A: Wheaties

Q: Why did the coin collector put Tic-Tac’s into an Altoids tin?
A: So that he could have a “mint error”

Q: Excuse me sir, can you direct me to the SGS Coin Grading Service?
A: Sure, just take Highway MS-70

Q: Why do coin collectors’ bison ranches always go out of business?
A: They pay extra money for Buffalos that have only three legs

Q: What’s the difference between an Indian Head penny and a Buffalo Nickel?
A: Four cents.

Q: Why did the Standing Liberty Quarter & Buffalo Nickel have to dance with each other? A: Neither one had a date.

Coin Collecting is the only hobby that when you are broke you still have money.